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The greatest love story …that never happened: Hoaxer cons Oprah

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A blockbuster wartime bio-pic faces the axe – after it was revealed the New Yorker who wrote it made the whole story up! Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss and Irish starlet Sarah Bolger were set to make “The Fence” – based on an autobiography by Herman Rosenblat.

In the movie, Dublin-born beauty Bolger plays Roma, a young girl who forms a bond with teenage Nazi concentration camp victim Rosenblat after she keeps him alive by tossing him breadcrumbs and apples over the barbed wire fence.

However, Rosenblat, who went on to marry Roma following a chance meeting years later in New York, has now shockingly confessed he concocted the information in his book, “Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love that Survived.”

Retired New York telly repairman Herman, whose bogus story has now been scrapped by publishers, apologised this week, saying: “I wanted to bring happiness to people, to remind them not to hate, but to love and tolerate all people. I brought good feelings to a lot of people and I brought hope to many. My motivation was to make good in this world. In my dreams, Roma will always throw me an apple, but I now know it is only a dream.”

Even chat show queen Oprah Winfrey was taken in by the hoax. Oprah who hosted Rosenblat and his wife, Roma Radzicki Rosenblat, on her show twice, called their romance “the single greatest love story” she had encountered in her 22 years on the show.


Written by Jim McMillan

January 4, 2009 at 4:15 pm

Everything looking Rose-y after telly witch’s IRA rant

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CRACKPOT actress Rose McGowan could ensure a low budget movie makes millions – thanks to her bizarre IRA rant. Rose, who played a sexy witch in the telly show Charmed, left fans spellbound at the premiere of Fifty Dead Men Walking,when she said: “Had I grown up in Belfast I would have 100 per cent joined the IRA.”

However, though her idiotic remarks were slammed by the producers of the movie about an IRA infiltrator,  the negative publicity has persuaded distributors all over the world to buy the rights to screen it. In her notorious rant, McGowan, 35, whose dad is Irish, added: “My heart just broke for the cause. Violence is not to be played out daily and provide an answer to problems – but I do understand it.”

Made on a shoestring budget, Fifty Dead Men Walking, which would probably only have got a limited release without Rose’s shocking intervention, is based on Martin McGartland’s 1997 memoir about a young Catholic in Belfast recruited by the British. Says a movie insider: “The people at Handmade Films who produced this were quick to condemn Rose’s comments. But secretly they are probably thrilled because they paid peanuts to make it and the bad publicity is going to turn this into a monster hit. Rose is a bit of a maverick who doesn’t play by Hollywood rules – but despite her despicable views, fans love her because she’s a bad girl. That’s why she is always being cast in dark roles as a witch or a killer.”

Handmade Films executive Guy Collins made a series of deals to sell the film – in which Rose plays a Prove femme fatale – worldwide shortly after the recent Toronto Film Festival.

Written by Jim McMillan

November 9, 2008 at 8:59 pm

“Mr Cleaver” too nuts to stand trial for shrink slashing

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THE MANIAC accused of hacking Irish psychologist Kathryn Faughey to death with a meat cleaver is too deranged to stand trial, it has been announced. Mentally ill David Tarloff, 40, who thinks he is the Messiah, is accused of repeatedly stabbing Kathryn, 56, at her Manhattan clinic earlier this year in a crime which shocked America.

As well as slashing Kathryn, he is also charged with attacking her colleague Dr Kent Shinbach when he tried to come to Faughey’s aid.

However, experts brought in to examine him say he is mentally unfit for a trial, court documents say. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the latest ruling but Manhattan State Supreme Court Judge Charles H. Solomon is expected to send Tarloff to a state psychiatric facility, where he will be incarcerated until he is found fit.

Tarloff’s attorney Bryan Konoski said: “He’s a mess. Worse than I have ever seen him.” Tarloff has been nicknamed “Mr Cleaver” by fellow inmates.

Written by Jim McMillan

October 20, 2008 at 7:33 pm

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Beastly Ghostbusters star Aykroyd branded a ghoul by Catholics

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FURIOUS Catholics have branded Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd a ghoul – after he suggested it could be
‘okay’ to have sex with animals. Aykroyd was one of a series of Irish Americans to contribute to Kerry Kennedy’s book, Being Catholic Now. In the book, the funnyman first irritates devout Catholics by saying he backs gay and lesbian priests. Then he outrages them further by condoning bestiality.

Says Aykroyd: “I’d embrace gay and lesbian priests, because I don’t believe homosexuality is immoral. I draw the line at bestiality because it’s unfair to the dog or the cat.  If the dog or the cat had consciousness, then that’d be okay with me.  Sexuality has nothing to do with morality.”

Irishman Bill Donohue, the president of America’s influential Catholic League, is disgusted at Aykroyd’s remarks. He blasts: “If I were a pet owner and was going away for the weekend the last thing I’d do with Fido is drop him off at Dan Aykroyd’s house.”

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September 21, 2008 at 3:59 pm

Obama on his way to the Pink House

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Perhaps the White House should be renamed the Pink House. New York politician Christine Quinn is on a one-woman mission to get all America’s gays to vote for Barack Obama. Lesbian Quinn – New York’s City Council speaker – reckons she could tip the election in Obama’s favour if she can simply get all her fellow gays to back the Democrat candidate for the White House.Explaining her reason for backing Obama, Quinn say: “I am confident he will be the most pro-gay president we’ve had.”

Quinn, 41, New York’s first openly lesbian speaker, will hit the road this Autumn to promote Obama’s campaign among gays and lesbians in swing states like Pennsylvania. She plans to take part in special bus trips in which she and other gays preach to the masses.

Written by Jim McMillan

September 13, 2008 at 10:20 am

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Moose burgers not on the menu in New York

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John McCain‘s fetching new running mate Sarah Palin has put moose burgers on the map but it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to try one in New York.

While former beauty contestant Palin sinks her gleaming white teeth into delicacies like moose burgers, moose meatballs and moose bolognese, Federal law prevents the rest of us from doing likewise, the New York Daily News reveals. “You have to be in the know to try it,” laments the News, who nonetheless have tracked down Alaska’s formost gourmet moose chef.

“You can’t sell wild game in the US but my husband hunts moose, so we have it all the time,” says Laraine Derr, who runs Chez Alaska cookery school. “It tastes very much like ground beef, but it’s a very mild, very lean meat. “I’ve made moose Wellington, moose meatballs, moose spaghetti sauce and T-bone moose steaks. You can put it in a can and use it to make stew with some vegetables and potatoes – it’s wonderful.”

Written by Jim McMillan

August 31, 2008 at 12:00 pm

The past is orange, not emerald for Senator John McCain

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US presidential hopeful John McCain has always been popular with Sinn Fein-sympathising Irish-American voters because of his support for immigrants’ rights. So they will be perplexed to now learn McCain’s ancestor was one of the first Orange Men and fought alongside King Billy!

Senator McCain, 71, whose ancestors came from Armagh, has repeatedly played up his Irish roots and descent from Captain John Young. But he might be a little more coy about admitting that another ancestor – great great great great grandfather Captain Dixie Coddington – was a trusted officer of William of Orange who fought alongside King Billy to defeat James ll at the Battle of the Boyne.

Irish historian Sean Murphy, who has just uncovered McCain’s Orange Man link, explains: “The Coddingtons were a very wealthy Irish family so they weren’t hard to find in the records.”

Murphy, the University of Dublin’s genealogist, says his discovery is far more significant than the revelations that McCain’s chief rival Barack Obama is also descended from Irish stock. “Obama’s ancestor was a shoemaker, whereas McCain’s was an officer serving with King William,” he points out.

Written by Jim McMillan

August 19, 2008 at 1:49 am