Washington gossip: Did Ted Kennedy secretly love Jackie O?

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Did cancer-stricken Senator Ted Kennedy secretly nurse a 40 year love affair with his late brother’s wife Jackie? That’s the amazing rumour circulating around Washington. And according to the latest issue of Globe magazine, members of the world’s most famous Irish American political clan The Kennedys fear he may finally talk about his forbidden love for the glamourous brunette icon in a bombshell new autobiography.

The page turner also gives Kennedy the opportunity to pour out his heart about his guilt over his alcoholic wife Joan and the pretty girl passenger who died in a car wreck when Ted drove her off a bridge. Before he succumbs to cancer, Teddy, whose siblings have been struck down one by one by the so-called Irish Kennedy curse, means to publish his autobiography in which he will spill the beans about scandals like the notorious Chappaquiddick incident in which youngster Mary Jo Kepechne perished after her co-passenger Kennedy drove his car off a bridge.

When Kennedy signed a $6 million agreement for his memoirs, cynics believed they would just be a complete whitewash job but now that he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it is widely expected he will leave no stone unturned.

A source close to the Kennedy clan tells Globe, “In the early days after his cancer diagnosis, Ted was talking to family members about hurrying to complete his biography – and one of the subjects they discussed was Jackie. “Ted told them he was madly in love with her for years. There was stunned silence and he quickly added, ‘I always loved her, she was so special.'”


Written by Jim McMillan

August 31, 2008 at 1:41 pm

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