Moose burgers not on the menu in New York

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John McCain‘s fetching new running mate Sarah Palin has put moose burgers on the map but it’s unlikely we’ll ever get to try one in New York.

While former beauty contestant Palin sinks her gleaming white teeth into delicacies like moose burgers, moose meatballs and moose bolognese, Federal law prevents the rest of us from doing likewise, the New York Daily News reveals. “You have to be in the know to try it,” laments the News, who nonetheless have tracked down Alaska’s formost gourmet moose chef.

“You can’t sell wild game in the US but my husband hunts moose, so we have it all the time,” says Laraine Derr, who runs Chez Alaska cookery school. “It tastes very much like ground beef, but it’s a very mild, very lean meat. “I’ve made moose Wellington, moose meatballs, moose spaghetti sauce and T-bone moose steaks. You can put it in a can and use it to make stew with some vegetables and potatoes – it’s wonderful.”


Written by Jim McMillan

August 31, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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