Screech for the sickbag! Saved by the Bell star pens bonkbuster

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Our friends at Gotham Books often cater to the salacious needs of the American public and so you may not be surprised when we tell you their latest page turner is all about sex-crazed Dustin Diamond. Never heard of him? No, neither had we until someone told us he was Screech from Eighties sitcom Saved by the Bell.

You’ll remember him as the geeky and gangly kid with the silly voice who followed the cool kids around – the beefy blond jock Zack and those hotties who went on to become pop singers or soft porn stars or something. Contrary to popular belief though, Dustin reckons he was the real stud on the set and he’s written a book all about it. Gotham Books promise us tales of “sexual escapades among cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying.”

If you like the book, you might also want to watch Screech’s sex tape, which is still doing the rounds on the web. No? We don’t want to either.


Written by Jim McMillan

August 5, 2008 at 4:08 pm

Posted in Gotham

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